DasMikro TBS Mini Programmable Sound And Light Control Unit

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DasMikro TBS Mini Programmable Sound And Light Control Unit


This sound unit is developed for all kinds of RC controlled models, including trucks, crawlers, tanks, airplanes…



Fully customer programmable, you could load your own sounds

Large sound library of original recordings is available

Sound quality at 22KHz

Capability to play two sounds simultaneously (engine and one special sound)

16Mbit sound memory, enough for 93sec. of sound recordings at 22KHz

Internal 1,2W amplifier at 8 Ohm speakers

Remote volume control (depending on control mode)

Up to 6 electronic switching outputs

Two servo signal outputs

All connections made by plugs, no solder work necessary

Fully assembled in SMD technology (no heavy, vibration sensitive components)

Speed signal derived from the receiver. This allows combination with brushless or brushed motors.

Horizontal plug connections, this allows total electric isolation by shrinking plastic tube.


Technical Spec:

Supply voltage: 3.5~12V (from receiver)

Internal amplifier: 1.2W at 8 Ohm and 5V supply

Switching outputs:  Minus switching, maximum at 12V/0.5A each

Dimensions: 55x25x10mm

Weight: 6g


Package Included:

1 x DasMikro TBS Mini Sound And Light Control PCB

2 x 10cm 3P receiver connection servo cable

1 x 10cm 3P receiver connection servo Y cable (for tank second ESC speed input)

1 x 20cm 2P speaker connection cable

4 x 30cm 3P external switching connection cable


(Speaker not included, you need to prepare the speaker by yourself according to your projects request)


Wire Connection:


Installation Schematic:





Additional information

Weight50 g
Dimensions25 × 20 × 1 cm


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