DasMikro TBS Mini Sound Unit V3


This sound unit is developed for all kinds of RC controlled models, including trucks, crawlers, tanks, airplanes…


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DasMikro TBS Mini Sound Unit V3

This sound unit is developed for all kinds of RC controlled models, including trucks, crawlers, tanks, airplanes…

New features:
– 16x larger sound memory, enough for 28 Minuts of sound
– Powerful 3W digital amplifier on board
– 4OHm and 8Ohm speakers can be used
– Volume controller on board
– New connector for 3rd party amplifiers -> See manual !
– Dimension is 3mm wider than the former TBS Mini V1
– Receiver supply must be in the range of 4V – 6V(max) !!!

Additional features:
– Fully customer programmable
– Large FREE OF CHARGE sound libraries of original recordings
– Sound quality 22KHz
– 16Mbit Sound memory, enough for 93s of sound recordings
– Internal 1,2W amplifier at 8 Ohm speakers
– External high power amplifiers connection possible
– Up to 6 electronic switching outputs
– External smoke generator for exhaust simulation
– Two digital inputs for triggering sounds by an external signal
– Two servo signal outputs, f.e. for retractable landing gears
– All connections done by plugs, no solder work necessary
– Receiver signals are used for speed information, this allows brushless or DC Motor usage
– All connections horizontally -> full isolation and protection by shrink plastic tube possible
– Fully SMD technology (no heavy, vibration sensitive components)
– All wires included
– Very little dimensions and weight
– USB or RS232 programing interface by external adaptor (optional)
– Can be fully configured by free of charge PC software:
– You can make your own sound creation or using the original sounds
– Plays two sounds simultaneously (engine plus a special sound) from TBS Flash Ver. on

Technical Spec:
Voltage supply range: 4V – max. 6V (from receiver)
Internal amplifier: 3W at 4 Ohm and 6V supply
Switching outputs: Minus switching, max. 12V/0,5A each
Dimensions: 55mm x 28mm x 10mm (3mm wider than the TBS Mini V1)
Weight: about 6g
Package Included:
1 x DasMikro TBS Mini Sound Unit PCB V3
2 x 10cm 3P receiver connection servo cable
1 x 10cm 3P receiver connection servo Y cable (for tank second ESC speed input)
1 x 20cm 2P speaker connection cable
4 x 30cm 3P external switching connection cable
1 x test speaker

(Test speaker is only for sound unit test, you need to prepare the high quality speaker by yourself according to your projects request)

Wire Connection:




Additional information

Weight50 g
Dimensions25 × 20 × 1 cm


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