DasMikro TBS Mini Sound Unit V4

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This is a micro Sensor-less Brushless ESC integrated with NB4 Receiver. It could be used for 1/28 1/24 and 1/18 2WD or AWD micro RC car.

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DasMikro TBS Mini Sound Unit V4

This sound unit is developed for all kinds of RC controlled models, including trucks, crawlers, tanks, airplanes…

New features:
– Dimension reduced to 33mm x 12.5mm x 9mm, TBS Mini V1 (55mm x 25mm x 10mm)
– Removed 6 channel MOSFET output, 6 electronic switching outputs changed to positive switching, maximum at 3.3V/20mA each

– Fully customer programmable, you could load your own sounds
– Large sound library of original recordings is available
– Sound quality at 22KHz
– Capability to play two sounds simultaneously (engine and one special sound)
16Mbit sound memory, enough for 93sec. of sound recordings at 22KHz
– Internal 1W amplifier at 8 Ohm speakers
– Remote volume control (depending on control mode)
– Up to 6 electronic switching outputs
– Two servo signal outputs
– Fully assembled in SMD technology (no heavy, vibration sensitive components)
– Speed signal derived from the receiver. This allows combination with brushless or brushed motors.
– Horizontal plug connections, this allows total electric isolation by shrinking plastic tube.

Technical Spec:
Supply voltage: 5~12V (from receiver)
Internal amplifier: 1W at 8 Ohm and 5V supply
Switching outputs: Positive switching, maximum at 3.3V/20mA each
Dimensions: 33mm x 12.5mm x 9mm
Weight: 3g

Package Included:
1 x DasMikro TBS Mini Sound And Light Control PCB
1 x 10cm 3P receiver connection servo cable
1 x test speaker

(Test speaker is only for sound unit test, you need to prepare the high quality speaker by yourself according to your projects request)

Wire Connection:


Additional information

Weight50 g
Dimensions25 × 20 × 1 cm


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